Privacy Policy: The Anthology of Surveillance Poetics, is now a real, breathing book and you can order it from SPD or via Black Ocean. The NYC release party is tomorrow night at Berl’s, and I’ll be reading alongside Eileen Myles, Harmony Holiday, Cathy Park Hong, and poets upon poets. I’m gonna read this poem, which appears in the anthology. 


Hatchet Job XXIV is bringing in a flood of poets from points east. Natalie Lyalin will be coming from Philly to read poems from her new book, Blood Makes Me Faint But I Go For It. Anthony Madrid is flying in from Chicago to read ghazals and (god willing) some limericks. Joe Hall is taking the train from faraway Buffalo, and his latest book is called The Devotional Poems. And Mark Cugini, the man and the myth behind Big Lucks, well he’s coming all the way from our nation’s capital. It happens how it always happens: 7PM, Suburbia, Brooklyn, and you. RSVP here



Here’s a new interview with Darby Laine at Ampersand Review. I think maybe it’s Satan in Paradise Lost who hates being questioned. He hates the way answering a question makes him complicit in the asking of it. 

I kind of feel like Satan when people ask me about where I grew up, which is to say I don’t often give an answer. But I didn’t feel like Satan this time, who knows why:

"I lived eighteen years of my life in a village in the Catskills, population 3,008. Sometimes calling it a gasoline town or a cow town—three gas stations within a quarter mile of each other and at one time there were more cows in the village than people. There’s a powerful milk factory. Often it felt like the town was ruled by a kingpin, a wealthy man who made his money selling astroturf. I found a castle in the woods there once; it burned down a few days later.

This was the west bank of the Delaware River. A racist and homophobic and mostly poor community. But also filled with liberals, anti-frackers, people who held conscientious objector workshops in their furnace rooms. A village drunk named Tater.

I grew up listening to punk, hitting drums in bands. That’s part of  how I learned to be in conflict as a praxis.”

Read the complete interview here. And check out the rest of the new issue, which is full of baddies and Satan galore. 


About a year ago I stopped having an address and effectively living anywhere, and one of the only parts about that life that I miss is the mail. Because when you don’t have an address, you miss things like your poem “Ivory” showing up in the latest issue of Indiana Review. But then of course one day you also return to your last known address, and waiting for you is a pile of mail so tall you can’t see the sun. And postcards, letters, freelance money, books, bills, hate mail, and your poem “Ivory” in the latest issue of Indiana Review, which also has this eagle on the cover that I like. 



Last week I talked to Late Night Library about my second book, C’est la guerre, which comes out in 2015 from Poor Claudia. We talk about losing your job, losing your house, losing your heart, touring the country by train and plucking yourself back up, and what happens to a person when he gets laid off in America. Listen to the complete real-live conversation here


Hatchet Job XXIII is two parts poetry, two parts fiction. Joining us will be poets Morgan Parker and Billy Cancel, alongside fictionistas Scott Cheshire and May-Lan Tan. It all happens, as it all happens, at Suburbia. If you’re a Christopher Logue fan, this flier’s for you. 


In which a poet hands over a basket of poems that he’s been unable to loose from his head in the past few weeks. 

                                                          • • •

Hymn to Life - Timothy Donnelly
- Juliana Spahr & Joshua Clover
Architecture - Sarah V. Schweig
Fear Not (Provided You Fear) - Jacqueline Waters
American Spring Song - Sherwood Anderson
Vernacular Owl" - Thomas Sayers Ellis
In Our Time - Muriel Rukeyser
(tequila)" - Montana Ray
Poem - Man Ray
God & Country - Graham Foust


Around the corner at The Volta, a review of my chapbook Family Album, which was released late last year by Poor Claudia. There’s a circle of gratitude reserved for being read and being read sharply:

Snapshot by snapshot (or poem by poem), Schoonebeek’s testimony of coming-of-age in an ‘American podunk’ wasteland forces its reader to consider how our identity is often malignly formed by those closest to us, and faces the measures one takes for personal redemption.”

Family Album is sold out, but almost all of those poems appear in American Barricade, which is still alive and stocked and kicking. 



Before scouring it for errors or throwing it out a window in Portland, I think I smelled my book when I held it for the first time. And when I saw this picture of Chelsea Hodson, part of me hoped she was smelling it too. Do we all know Chelsea? She’s the author of Pity the Animal, which I just read and loved. And she catalogs everything she owns over at her own lily pad. 



Yesterday Poor Claudia announced that they’ll publish my second book, C’est la guerre, in 2015. I wrote this book while touring around America by train, reading poems from my first book and meeting hundreds and hundreds of new people. It’s a book of nonfiction, poetry, photographs, essays, movie reviews, rants. It’s a travelogue, it’s a tell-all. It’s dedicated in may ways to Edouard Leve. It’s dedicated to all the people who helped me tour the country last year, all the poets and friends, workers and family. So I thought I’d take a moment to thank them all now, because they all appear in some form or another in C’est la guerre, and they are all the people on the cover of the book too. 

                                                        • • • 

Shawnee Sanders, D.J. Dolack, Matt Nelson, Amy Lawless, Jordan Debor, Rauan Klassnik, Jacob Perkins, Tyler Weston Jones, Claire Donato, Meghan DellaCrosse, Caitlin Kaufman, Evan Heinegg, Erik Schoonebeek, Kristy Barrett, Hila Ratzabi, Matthew Zingg, Alex Dimitrov, The Head & the Hand Press, Angel Hogan, Zach Whitney, Jessamee Sanders, Keely Kincaid, Maria Celis, Sampson Starkweather, Mark Cugini, Buck Downs, Dan Magers, Adam Robinson, Tony Mancus, Sara Pfeil, David Berman, Nick Sturm, Tracy Dimond, Sarah V. Schweig, Matvei Yankelevich, Jan Schweig, Michelle Dove, Katie Green, Sandra Beasley, Amtrak, Joshua Edwards, Ricardo Maldonado, Scott Daughtridge, Bruce Covey, Sherri Caudrell, Daniel Beauregaard, Gina Myers, Michael Tod Edgerton, Lauren Relyea, Brittney Schoonebeek, Carl Annarummo, Ben Kopel, Hazim Dayeh, Megan Burns, Sara Jacobelli, Jennifer Tamayo, Carolyn Hembree, Jenn Marie Nunes, Kristin Marie Kostick, Michael D Snediker, Jamaal May, Martin Rock, Noncanon Press, Karyn McGlynn, Bolt Bus, Stephanie Finger, Tyler Gobble, Cindy St. John, Dan Boehl, Layne Ransom, Lisa Olstein, Shafer Hall, TC Tolbert, Brian Blanchfield, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Dot Devota, Allyson Paty, John Melillo, Brandon Shimoda, James Agee, Johanna Skribsund, Casa Libre, Melissa Broder, John Steinbeck, Kate Durbin, Marshall Scheuttle, John Beer, Maggie Nelson, Branch Magazine, Cait Barrick, Melissa Stein, Eileen Myles, Ben Mirov, Amanda Nadelberg, Lynn Xu, Green Apple Books, Erica Lewis, Anhvu Buchanan, Geoffrey G. O’Brien, Book Zoo, Clay Banes, Farnoosh Fathi, Nick Buzanski, Stephen Sparks, Christine Mar, John Howard, Jack London, Lisa Ciccarello, Stacey Tran, Katherine Sullivan, Soren Stockman, Suburbia, Joe Hall, Liam Hysjulien, Catherine Pond, Brando Skyhorse, Leopoldine Core, Travis Meyer, Natalie Eilbert, B Frayn Masters, Gregory Crewdson, Drew Swenhaugen, Kelly Schirman, Joseph Mains, Joy Katz, Tyler Brewington, Nora Wendl, Cheston Knapp, Sara Russ Woods, Jamalieh Haley, Adam Tyrrell, Donald Dunbar, Ethan Bull, Florencia Valera, Ian Whitmore, Janine Boselli, Hanna Pass, Matthew Dickman, Beth Harrison, Amber Nelson, Rich Smith, Lillian Ruth Nickerson, Willie, Anna Janiszewski, Jess Hamilton, Stefan Janiszewski, Keely Guiliano, Charles Goodrich, The Spring Creek Project, Scott Cheshire, Rachel Dunbar, Lynn Melnick, Michael Martin Shea, jubilat, Samuel Amadon, Carly Lettero, Lynne Attanasso, Emmanuel Cruz, Steve Leathers, Fence, Sara Renee Marshall, Homer, Counterpath, Khadijah Queen, Mathias Svalina, Salt Madeo, Noah Eli Gordon, Antonio Aiello, Anna Moschovakis, Raphael Schoonebeek, Shane McCrae, Win Bassett, C.D. Wright, Timothy Donnelly, Colin Nelson, Joe Deluca, Pine Hill Trailways.